Whole House Fans Mandatory In Washington State

whole house fan

It should only be a matter of time before California requires whole house fans on new houses. They’re very likely to follow the example set by the State of Washington.

Read this to learn more about what the new Code is in Washington.

Boom times for whole house fan maker QuietCool Systems. Great product and even better prices at the Supply House (Platt Electric) than Home Depot. Plus, the rep tells me that the fans sold through the supply house are a higher quality unit at a lower price than HD retail.

We’ve installed a few of these for customers and…they work: at the end of a hot day, open the downstairs windows (around 6pm) and turn on the fan: all the hot air from the house gets pushed up into the attic. And, the cooler air from outside gets sucked in through the windows.

These units are pretty energy efficient, too.

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